Groundworks in Haywards Heath, Worthing
and the Wider Sussex Area

Do you need to resurface your garden with a patio and pathway? Or do you want to create immediate, long-lasting kerb appeal with a replacement driveway? Whatever the exact nature of your hard landscaping project, the groundworks supporting your surface or structure go a long way to making it a success. Our landscaping company recognises that new driveways, garden patios and pathways are only as strong as their below-ground support. As such, we work just as meticulously on the features you can’t see as those you can.

Based in Haywards Heath, Sussex Landscaping & Groundworks covers locations across East and West Sussex. In addition to our hometown, our key service areas include Brighton, Burgess Hill, Eastbourne, Newhaven, Seaford and Worthing, to name a few.

Our range of groundwork services includes:
  • Site Preparation
  • Site Clearance
  • Marking Out
  • Excavation
  • Earth Removal
  • Sub-bases
  • Shed Bases
  • Drainage

Please note, our groundwork services do not extend to those for larger scale building and construction work, such as foundation installation. Likewise, our drainage work focuses on optimising rainwater runoff management for new surfaces, minimising the risk of flash flooding and standing water.

To discuss any of our groundwork services in more detail, please contact us. Our landscaping company is always happy to answer queries of any kind.

The Importance of Superior, Efficient Groundworks

From garden patios to new driveways, your landscaping project represents a sizeable investment. For this reason, you rightfully expect outstanding results, be it the aesthetic appeal, performance or longevity.

Groundworks are key to this. They prepare your site’s surface for the physical build to come. During this phase of your project, we mark out the shape of your feature before excavating to a carefully calculated depth. The latter takes into account the type of soil at your property, and how it behaves in varying weather conditions.

Our landscaping company also adapts the sub-base beneath your surface depending on how you intend to use it. For example, new driveways require a different solution to garden patios. This is because vehicles exert a much larger load than foot traffic.

The nature of your sub-base will also depend on the type of paving you choose. Whatever your preference, our intent is always the same: avoid premature surface deterioration.

By following a time-served approach, we lay the perfect platform for durable surfaces. As a result, our installations have a long lifespan with less need for maintenance and repairs. This helps to lower costs over your surface’s lifecycle.

Of equal importance, the groundworks are the first service we perform at your property in Haywards Heath, Worthing or the wider Sussex area. To ensure the remainder of your project runs smoothly, and reaches completion on time and within budget, you must work with an experienced landscaping company.

At Sussex Landscaping & Groundworks, this is exactly what we are. Our in-house team shares over 20 years of expertise. No matter your landscaping and groundwork needs, you can rely on us for superior results with unbeatable endurance.

Call 07841 933 997 to discuss any of our landscaping-related groundworks. We cover Haywards Heath, Worthing and locations across East and West Sussex.