New Driveway in Worthing, Haywards Heath
and the Wider Sussex Area

Has your tired, damaged driveway become an eyesore? Do you want to extend your existing drive or construct a new one from scratch? At Sussex Landscaping & Groundworks, our driveways service meets every need. We recognise how much impact a new driveway has on your property’s kerb appeal. Our team uses over 20 years of experience to deliver results that not only look great, but also have the strength and durability to last long into the future.

Based in Haywards Heath, our landscaping company fulfils contracts in East and West Sussex. From block paving in Burgess Hill to gravel in Worthing, we can turn your dream driveway into a reality.


Our comprehensive driveway service includes:

  • Block Paving Drives
  • Gravel Drives
  • Resin-Bond Drives
  • Tarmac Drives
  • Concrete Drives
  • Supporting Groundworks

While we pride ourselves on the impeccable surfaces we create, our landscaping company puts just as much time and effort into perfecting the supporting structure. Before excavating, we consider the soil at your site, your new driveway material and the loads you anticipate placing on the finished surface.

Drives with impressive longevity stretch your money further, but they also require less repairs and maintenance. In turn, this lowers the lifecycle cost too.

Choosing Your New Driveway Material

Block Paving

Because these surfaces consist of individual interlocking blocks, they aren’t as susceptible to cracking as they age. This upholds the appearance of your driveway over the years, but also makes repairs easier too. If one or two blocks suffer damage, you only need to remove and replace them as opposed to disrupting the entire surface.

Block paving is also non-porous, meaning it automatically complies with SUDS legislation. This means you don’t need to integrate additional drainage features or apply for planning permission. Most appealing of all, Sussex Landscaping & Groundworks supplies blocks in an array of colours, sizes and shapes to create a personalised design.


Our landscaping company supplies gravel options to fit with any design scheme, be it traditional and rustic or sleek and contemporary. Gravel is a cost-effective option, especially if your home has a long driveway. We also complete installation with a quick turnaround.

To prevent weed growth and minimise ongoing maintenance, we can lay a weed-prevention membrane. Like block paving, gravel driveways are also permeable, so they don’t suffer with standing water issues.


After the initial groundworks, our onsite team applies a resin film to the substrate. We then scatter dry, clean aggregate on top, ensuring uniform and complete coverage. The stones used range in size from 1mm to 6mm.

Once cured, you have a new driveway consisting of a strong, impermeable single layer of stones. We sweep away excess aggregate, leaving behind an attractive, textured surface.


Cost-effective, quick to install and highly durable, tarmac driveways save you both time and money. These driveways are quick to dry, so you won’t have to wait long before you can park your car on it.

When laid by our landscaping company, your tarmac drive delivers many more benefits too. It has exceptional resistance to all weather conditions, it’s skid-resistant and can handle heavy vehicle loads. Tarmac is also completely recyclable, meaning you can reuse the same materials infinitely without losing a single piece.


A long-standing favourite for paving solutions in Haywards Heath, Worthing and across Sussex, concrete performs brilliantly in all weather conditions. If you’re usually pressed for time, it’s also a low maintenance material.

The familiar grey tone is perfect if you prefer a neutral finish. However, as with block paving, you can customise – this time by injecting a hue of your choice.

Sussex Landscaping & Groundworks also lays stunning garden patios.

Call 07841 933 997 to talk over your replacement or new driveway options in Haywards Heath, Worthing or the surrounding areas.